Kalamazoo Promise Application Form

The Kalamazoo Promise Application is submitted when a student becomes a senior, typically as early as possible in their senior year. The application is used to make sure that the student and The Kalamazoo Promise are in agreement on the eligibility percentage for the scholarship. It is also used to identify colleges and universities that a student is interested in attending with The Promise scholarship.

1 Application
2 Pathway Survey
  • Fields marked with * are required. If you are unable to provide the information contact The Promise office at 269.337.0037 or info@kalamazoopromise.com.

  • The following is my qualification information:
  • What was you first full school grade in KPS? If you have left KPS and returned, it is the grade you last returned to KPS.
  • The schools listed below are the colleges/universities that I am considering for enrollment and use of The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship. List your choices in order of preference, you are only required to list one. The drop down lists below includes all Promise eligible schools, if you do not find a school on the list, then it is not eligible for The Kalamazoo Promise scholarship.
  • My signature below indicates that I have read and understand the terms of this scholarship and the information I have provided above concerning residency and enrollment in the Kalamazoo Public School district is true to the best of my knowledge.